Sunday, May 24, 2009

France March/April 2009

I know im late with update and im sorry.!!but here we go...
the first 4weeks we stayed in a village called Vèzènobres, in south of France. We had our own house and car(english one..I drove with the wheel on the wrong side of the car!!that was superstrange!!) But we had so much fun there!!! so nice to be able to have a place on our own and a possibility to invite people over! Henning Schicora was our contactperson! He is norwegian and married to a french woman, Nathalie. They have 4 lovely kids..or youths!! Such a sweet family!!

Here we taught english in a public and a catholic school. All together we had about 1200 studens and 94 english lessons. We taught them songs,cheers,drama and had conversations in smaller groups. Because very few of us spoke french the students were forced to speak english, which for them was good!! For 3 sundays we invited students home to our house for games and some more english-conversations. The last sunday we first had a bbq with the local church at our place and after that the students came over. The last time it was 2 or 3times as many youths that came over than the sundays before.

We also had the teachers over for dinner!! That was soooo nice!! And two of them invited us to a celtic-folkdance-evening some days after!! So much fun and defenitly a highlight!!
Since we were in schools its hard to do ministry directly to them.. We could share that we came from a bibleschool,but not much more than that... Some of the songs were about God but not so obvious. But ministry isn`t only about sharing the gospel in words, also in actions!! And that we did alot!!the youth and the teachers had a lot of fun together with us! It was so much fun!!!
We also did some prayerwork and attended housechurches and youthmeetings at the Schikoras.
A beautiful place, very nice people and french food..Dont have to say more....AMAZING!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Birthday!!21!!alte frau...

20.02 is my birthday!!weee!!!My roommates are the best!:) I woke up to breakfast in bed and a room full of post-it notes with encouragements!! The day just got better with nice presents like red earrings, prophetic song(weee!!!), Pocahontas-movie and a fotoalbum!(got some other things too:)) The livingroom was very nice decorated too!!

Rose and Greta had made me cookies which they thought would take 20min. but they ended up in the
kitchen for 3 hours!!!really made with love;)
In the evening we had a cozytime playing "kortskalle"(a game where you get a famous persons name sticked on your forhead and you have to try to guess who you are...) and ate cookies and chips:)

It was a very nice day!!!


My very good friends Siri and Malene visited me a weekend in Ålesund!! That was so much fun:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lovefeast!!theme: America in the 50`s:)

Our lovely staff made us a lovefeast 07.02.09!
We had so much fun shopping and dressing up!!! The whole base was transformed and we went trough a timemachine to get back to the 50`s! They served us hamburgers, macaroni and cheese and salad...mmMMmmm! The staff did a great job to make it a memorable evening for us:) I got a sister for the evening;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Filming in the fields...

At the beginning of the year we wanted to make a music-video together with the music track and Alex(filming). The music track made songs, we picked one, we learned a choreography and out in the fields starting to film! The thing was that it was in a field close to the ocean(windy,muddy), in the middle of January and we were dancing BAREFOOT... it was sooooooo cold!!in the end we couldn`t feel our feet! Never been so cold in my entire life!!
i`m hoping for a good result when it is finished! The story,song and choreography is amazing. Rose is singing and she has a beautiful voice!!!! Mallorie took some really good pictures:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our God is an awesome God!!!!

The teacher this week(6) is Ken Helser. He comes from North Carolina and he is here with his wife Linda, son John and his grandson. The topic is Living from the heart! Ken is an amazing artist,teacher and musician! He is soo free and has a burning passion for Jesus!

He prayed for all the students already 3 weeks before he came here. He is still praying for us and also sharing what God tells him. On Tuesday he had something for me:)

He said that God thinks I`m SO beautiful:) that my pure heart was shining through my face on the picture!:) The Other things he said was really confirming to what desires i have in my heart! My lifeverse in the bible is Eph. 1. 18 and 19:

"og at deres forstands øyne blir opplyst slik at dere kan forstå hvilket håp dere fikk ved Hans kall og hvor rik på herlighet Hans arv er blandt de hellige, og forstå hvor overveldende stor Hans kraft er for oss som tror, etter virkning av Hans mektige kraft"

God has much bigger plans for our lives that we ever can imagine!!our God is an awesome God!

I also had a revelation on why God wants us to become more like Jesus... Here on the school we focus alot on becoming more like Jesus. More of Him and less of us... That sounded very strange to me, until yesterday! Who is our strictest judge and "worst enemy"? We are to ourselves!! Why be a person critical to ourselves(everybody is that now and then), when we can be more like Jesus and love ourselves like God loves us!! And be able to pass it on and love others too!<3

God delights in you!!!God is love, and all you need is love!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009